Reduced Height Dental Impression Post

U.S. Patent No: 6,213,773 B1

Reduced Height Dental Impression Post DiagramAn apparatus comprised of dental implant impression mounting hardware with a non-interfering, low profile for making time saving and accurate, simultaneous upper and lower impressions with the mouth completely closed and the jaw accurately positioned in a resting position. A low profile cross bar or t-bar impression post snaps and holds securely within a self-curing elastomeric impression material, yet does not interfere with the taking of a simultaneous upper and lower elastomer impression of the accurately interdigitated jaw using a ‘triple tray’. The cross bar or t-bar mounts to a perimucosal extension of selectable height. The cross bar assembly and the extension accurately clock and lock to the mating endo-osseous implant fixture or the the implant analog for excellent registration.

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