Piezo Electric Phenomenon

U.S. Patent No: 4,359,318

Piezo Electric Phenomenon DiagramA dental implant system, including a novel dental implant is disclosed, along with a method of installing the same. The implant includes a sleeve member with a cylindrical bottom portion including a plurality of aperturess and a neck portion. An electrically non-conductive collar member is mounted within the neck portion and an electrode is mounted within the collar portion electrically isolated from the sleeve member. The top portion of the electrode is adapted to be releasably electrically connected with a battery pack and alternatively with a dental appliance. The battery pack includes a battery whose cathode connects with a member which engages the top portion of the electrode and an anode which makes contact with the inside of the mouth. An appliance for preparing the jaw bone for the insertion of the implant is also disclosed, including a drill with three cutting surfaces and a jig adapted to support the drill within the mouth. After installation of the implants, use of the battery pack causes bone apposition through the apertures in the sleeve member to form an extremely solid mechanical interlock. The battery pack may be replaced with a dental appliance after the bone is formed.

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