Osteogenic Mandibular Distention Apparatus Method

U.S. Patent No: 5,885,283

Osteogenic Mandibular Distention Apparatus Method Diagram An apparatus and method to elongate and extend outward and downward a surgically transected forward section of the mandible with small daily adjustments to stretch the filamentary connective tissue between the divided sections of bone to correct severe malocclusion. The apparatus maintains a narrow gap between the separated sections of the mandible as the connective tissue is lengthened and mineralized forming new bone. The slowly widened gap has a chance to create new bone forming tissue to bridge the gap. By containing the apparatus within the oral cavity, advantages over cumbersome external apparatus become apparent. Infection and inflammation are easier to control within the oral environment. By clamping the apparatus to the ramus under the masseter muscles, no external facial scars result from externally applied surgical pins. Separate adjustments independently move the transected section of the mandible outward and downward.

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