Before & After Photos

Dental implants can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your smile. Take a look at the below before and after photos from real patients of the Houston Prosthodontic Associates to see how one of our procedures could help you.

Piggyback Prosthetics

This technique is a scion of telescopic prosthetic therapy that was developed in Europe in the 1930’s. It was popularized by one of the finest practitioners and prosthodontists of all time: Dr. Morton Amsterdam. This case which has been in service for over eleven years requires outstanding laboratory support. NBG

Prosthetic Reconstruction After Tumor Removal

Patient presented with a cancerous tumor on her lower left jaw. The cancer was removed and the patient was reconstructed with a titanium plate and four dental implants. Instead of placing the implants in the back of the mouth where the tumor presented, it was decided to sacrifice the front lower teeth and place the implants in the anterior jaw. This was decided upon by the fact that implants are most successful in the front part of the lower jaw. The case was completed in 2008…

Implant Placement In The Lower Jaw

As I have been saying for the last 30 years “the upper teeth are for show and the lower teeth are to go”. On occasion, patients ask me “what is the least amount of implants needed to reconstruct their jaws”? Traditionally prosthodontic specialists request four implants per jaw. However, if the budget rears its ugly head, three implants may be used but this technique is restricted to the lower jaw only. The following case demonstrates the use of three implants with a bolted-in prosthesis. Two points make a line and three points make a plane. This case was completed six in a half years ago and is still going strong. That being said, I still would prefer to restore a lower jaw with four implants…

Instant Polymer Prosthetics: (IPP)

Often actors in Hollywood are fitted with artificial “over-prosthetics”. Over the years I have come in contact with several prosthetic specialists who practice their art in Hollywood, California. For those familiar with the movies Austin Powers or Mrs. Doubtfire, over-prosthetics were used to create a specific look for the actor. This type of prosthesis is used to alter the characteristics of their smile. It can make masculine teeth look feminine or vice versa or teeth can be made to look extremely scary as evidenced in vampire or zombie movies. The example below was completed last week in our office. The obvious benefits are cost savings and it is a non-evasive procedure.