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Dental implants have quickly become the preferred method for replacing missing teeth. Anchored in the jaw bone, dental implants function like natural teeth and offer many benefits over traditional bridges and dentures. As a leading implant dentist, lecturer, and patent-holder, Dr. Gittleman has the innovation and expertise required to solve even the most complex implant cases.

Dental Implants 101

Modern dental implants came to fruition in the 1980’s after decades of research by Professor Brånemark. He discovered that bone tissue fused to titanium in a process called osseointegration. He applied the principle to dentistry, and the first dental implants were born. Implant technology has continued to improve over the years, and they’ve maintained a 90% success rate.

The titanium portion of the implant is surgically inserted into the jaw bone, near the proximity of the tooth’s former root. Over time, bone tissue fuses to the implant, creating a foundation for a crown or prosthetic device. Dental implants can anchor a single replacement tooth, as well as bridges, partial dentures, and full dentures.

Benefits of dental implants

  • Independently Anchored
  • Long-Lasting
  • Fully Functional
  • Aesthetic
  • Stimulate Bone Growth

At Houston Prosthodontic Associates, our primary concern is to preserve bone. When teeth are lost, the jaw bone can eventually wither and atrophy. Dental implants are the only solution that can curb bone loss and actually encourage new bone to grow. Learn more about bone loss by contacting our office today at 713-993-0003.

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