Bridge the gaps in your teeth

Many patients with missing teeth turn to bridges as a replacement solution. A bridge consists of two crowns on either side of a gap with a prosthetic tooth or teeth in the middle. Dr. Gittleman has over 25 years of experience with traditional fixed bridges and implant-supported bridges. We often create porcelain bridges for a natural-looking appearance.

Traditional fixed bridges

A traditional bridge requires minimal shaping of healthy teeth. The healthy teeth are fitted with crowns that will support the tooth replacement. As the name suggests, fixed bridges cannot be removed by the patient. Dr. Gittleman can typically design and place a traditional bridge in two appointments.

Implant-supported bridges

For patients who would like to keep healthy teeth intact but need multiple, adjacent teeth replaced, Dr. Gittleman may suggest an implant-supported bridge. A dental implant is placed in the jaw bone and serves as an anchor for the bridge. An implant-supported bridge will also stimulate bone growth in the area around the implant.

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