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Houston Prosthodontic Associates is dedicated to restoring smiles around the State of Texas with the best available dental technology. For over 30 years, we’ve helped patients achieve the best smile possible. We offer services with advanced technology, including digital impressions and our very own on-site laboratory.

Dr. Gittleman brings over a decade of training and experience to our office in Houston, TX. Along with his dental expertise, Dr. Gittleman has a passion for developing comfortable and effective restorative procedures. In fact, he’s secured 18 U.S. patents for his innovations.

Call our office at 713-804-2767 to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Gittleman and the rest of our trained dental professional team.

Restorative dental services

Prosthodontics is the subset of dental care that focuses on diagnosing, planning, rehabilitation, and ongoing care for patients who need or have dental prostheses. Prosthodontists use a wide range of procedures to restore your smile for both aesthetic and functional purposes.

Our office can create a customized prosthodontics plan for you based on your personal health history and dental conditions. We use a variety of dental services including crowns, veneers, full or partial dentures, bridges, and more to get the best possible results.

From minor aesthetic changes for a full set of even, white teeth to a set of false teeth that enables you to eat and speak normally again, we’ll ensure your smile is both beautiful and functional. And, if you ever have problems with your dental prosthodontics, we offer same-day emergency care.

Accessible, affordable care

Houston Prosthodontic Associates believes in accessible, affordable dental care for patients who deserve to smile! Ask our team if we accept your insurance provider to cover the cost of your treatment, or talk to us about CareCredit if your insurance does not cover our restorative services.

Call our prosthodontic office in Houston at Houston Prosthodontic Associates to schedule an appointment today.

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