Case Studies: Replacing an Entire Side of Teeth

Dental Implant Case 1

X-ray of four implants placed in the upper right side of the patient. The patient underwent grafting procedures in conjunction with the placement of the implants. Patient had an inadequate amount of bone to predictably stabilize the four implants. Artificial bone was placed below the patient’s sinus cavity to accomplish the task at hand.

Dental Implant Case 2

Four connections (hardware) are seen in this view.

Dental Implant Case 3

Underside of the porcelain replacement teeth. The Hollowed out areas of the crowns fit over the implant hardware seen in the previous picture.

Dental Implant Case 4

Biting-view of the replacement teeth.

Dental Implant Case 5

Porcelain replacement teeth attached to the implants.

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