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Prosthodontic Services in Houston with Dr. Gittleman

Dr. Gittleman recently attended the 2018 Academy of Osseointegration Annual Meeting in Los Angeles.

A Global Exchange of Scientific and Clinical Knowledge

Each year, the AO Annual Meeting continues the tradition of promoting professional excellence and fellowship in exciting locations around the United States. AO members as well as non-members come together for this popular collection of educational symposia and social events. Known for its diversity in cutting-edge presentations by world-renown speakers, this internationally acclaimed conference provides excellence in education and development of dental implant technology and clinical/surgical practice.

The purpose of the AO Annual Meetings is to provide an international forum for dental implant experts to share new research and information on best practices and exchange ideas with meeting attendees. A review of diagnostic, clinical, surgical, and prosthetic techniques give attendees the most comprehensive understanding of implant dentistry today.

The future is here – We are now offering digital impressions.

One of the most important benefits of TRIOS® and intraoral scanners in general, is improving the patient experience. We have all been to the dentist and at one time or another and needed to take an impression. It’s not fun. Taking digital impressions is much more comfortable for the patient. It is so much faster to digitally scan a mouth. It goes by so quick and there’s no plastic gooey mess!

Celebrating 35 Years of Practice in Our Original Location!

Houston Prosthodontic Associates is proud to commemorate 35 years of practice in our original location.

Houston Dental Implants

Combining Innovation and Quality Prosthodontic Care

At Houston Prosthodontic Associates, we deliver a higher standard of service that is clear from the moment you walk into our office. For more than 30 years, we have provided quality implant dentistry and prosthodontics, and our very own Dr. Gittleman has successfully received 18 US patents for his innovative ideas. For information on our services or to schedule an appointment, contact our office at 713-993-0003.

Dr. Gittleman has received 18 US patents

Replacing missing teeth is a science and an art form. Not all professionals are created equally and it is imperative that you find someone who has an unparalleled level of skill and a reputable background. Dr. Gittleman has successfully completed thousands of cases and many of his former patients return to our office or refer friends and family.

Dr. Gittleman’s latest invention as seen in Dentistry Today

Replacing Missing Teeth in Houston

Through our expertise, we are able to provide exceptional skill in the following services:

Having worked in the prosthodontic industry for so many years, we know how important it is that your dental implants are done right. We combine quality care with innovative solutions to help restore your smile with a prosthesis that lasts. We use the latest in technology and we are constantly assessing if there is a better way to perform our job. To ensure that we remain up-to-date on the latest information, we continue our education on an ongoing basis.

Using and Creating Patented Technology

We’re here to enhance the experience and results that you receive in every way we can. To improve efficiency and the time of the process, we have an on-site laboratory and a dental hygienist on staff. We also offer emergency appointments because we know that unexpected situations happen all the time. If you are missing teeth, put your oral health in the hands of an expert by contacting Houston Prosthodontic Associates at 713-993-0003.



Dr. Gittleman is a fine dentist with a competent staff catering to your every need. He does such nice work that you can count on. He is honest with you and spends time explaining everything. I think the personal attention you receive here is outstanding. I drive quite a few miles to be a patient of his; which means that I trust his expertise for my dental needs. Once I get there I like the location being an easy access and a safe environment.

- Cathryn-Renee 7/24/2018

Even though located just off of The Galleria Mall area, the office was easy to locate and the parking was ample, with restrooms very easy to locate! The waiting room was inviting and I liked the "Inventor's" items and information in the area, which gave me some interesting information about Dr. Gittleman. The staff was friendly and informative and did not waste time. All were efficient, cheerful, and did their work with a pleasant attitude. I especially enjoyed meeting Dr. Gittleman, who was obviously a man who knew his profession well and conveyed a feeling of comfort that I was in the right place. I felt like I was in good hands and I also appreciated his great sense of humor and the feeling that he really likes people. I am going to enjoy my association with this group very much.

- Verna 7/2/2018

I wish all medical offices were run like Dr. Gittleman's office. Always rated with 5 stars plus. Every person in this office is very knowledgeable and Dr. Gittleman is the best prosthodontist in Houston!

- Eileen 2/8/2018

Dr. Gittleman is just simply the best! He is the ultimate professional, while at the same time putting his patients at ease with humor, warmth, and obvious concern for their wellbeing. His staff is flawless. They are fully professional, while bringing warmth and consideration to patients.

- Eddie Fan 6/29/2017

The office was very clean and well-arranged and the reception/waiting area is very impressive with the plaques and awards earned by Dr. Gittleman. The personnel were extremely polite and very cordial. I really appreciate Blanca giving me a reminder call the day before my appointment. Lisa, your hygienist did a great job of cleaning my teeth and gums.

- Cathryn-Renee 7/24/2018

Lisa is the best. Can't say enough nice things. Very strong clinical skills. Very knowledgable. Very caring and kind. I only visited with her today. So, I guess I'll get one of these survey's after my next visit with Dr. Gittleman. And I will elaborate on him. Blanca is adorable - professional, always a smile on her face. I'm always happy to see her.

- Harlee 6/28/2017

Dear Dr. Gittleman, I should have sent this along ago but struggled with trying to find the words that truly conveyed my gratitude. I don't know if you have any idea what you have done for me – maybe you do; but you have given me several gifts… a lot more confidence, through the roof comfort and a cost that was affordable for us. I'm able to eat, laugh, talk and even travel now without worrying that my prosthesis is going to shift or move or click – for the first time in almost 4 years! And because it doesn't move or shift, there is no more pain. Before the implants, I had constant discomfort, mouth sores and difficulty eating. I know it's only been a little over a month, but it's been fabulous so far! You and your staff were wonderful and completely professional. I will never be able to return the kindness – but if I know anyone who is considering implants I will send them your way – you are simply the Best!

- Debra Aaron

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